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Processing an eCheck is easy. Simply enter your customers name, address, phone, email address, check routing #, account number and amount. You will instantly get either an approval or a denial. If approved, the money will be credited into your bank account within 24-72 hours. You will be debited for the service in 48 hours as a separate transaction. It’s really that simple!

1) Enter customer’s data through’s simple online interface. Provide name, address, phone, check routing, account number, and the total amount of check.

2) then compares the information against a verification database to ensure account standing and verifies funds at open of business that morning.

3) If approved, your bank account will be credited within 24-72 hours. Billing for the service will be provided in a separate transaction.

Appeal to more customers with our safe, secure, simple eCheck payment gateway.
Our service is free from ongoing monthly fees, charging instead ‘per check’. Start processing checks online now!

Taking eCheck’s has never been easier! It takes only minutes to process and approve with Checks by Phone Online’s simple payment solution. Sign up today and try Checks ByPhone Online eCheck payment gateway.

Start processing checks today!

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